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Polo Leather Goods Gifts

Real Polo Gear leather goods and gifts provide the polo player and polo enthusist with great functional leather and gift items with the flavor of real polo.

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Ladies Polo Clothing

Real polo players and real polo spectators prefer polo clothing and polo apparel that is made for real polo activities and can withstand the rigors and demands of the polo game and polo lifestyle. Polo is a fast, hard, demanding game and it requires clothing that can meet and perform the requirements of a strong sport. Polo is also a game of style, which requires elegant polo apparel and polo women demand ladies polo clothing that is stylish as well as functional. Since 1993 Polo Gear has been making ladies polo equipment and ladies polo apparel and clothing for the sport of polo and for activities that surround the game of polo and the polo lifestyle. Polo Gear ladies polo clothing is real ladies polo clothing worn by polo women and equestrian women around the world. Polo Girl clothing is also a favorite of dressage, hunter and jumper women in their quest for functional, elegant riding apparel and clothing.

Ladies Polo Shirts

Ladies prefer traditional and new sublimated polo shirts for polo, riding, and fashion. You can choose from traditional 100% cotton shirts embroidered or the new sublimated designs in high performance fabrics.

Mens Polo Clothing

Men's polo clothing by Polo Gear is inspired by the sport of polo and is made to withstand the rigors of the game of polo. Polo is a fast, dangerous, and demanding sport, which requires clothing that can perform, and must be durable to last. Polo Gear polo clothing and apparel is made to withstand the rigors of the game of polo. Polo is also a game that requires style and polo players demand their polo clothing and polo apparel is stylish as well as functional. Since 1993 Polo Gear has made team shirts and jerseys for the sport of polo and a men's polo line that reflects the traditions of polo and the polo way of life the participants of the sport enjoy. Men's polo clothing and polo apparel inspired by, designed by and made by the players of the game of polo. Made to be worn on and off the polo field.

Mens Polo Shirts

Polo shirts that are used by polo players also have great appeal as fashion items. Men's fashion has long looked to the sport of polo for trends in style and design.

Polo Bags

Polo Gear offers a variety of polo bags for the convenience and enjoyment of the polo players. These include polo mallet bags, polo helmet bags, polo boots bags, polo team bags, polo carry-all bags as are traditionally used by polo players in the game and sport of polo. Many non-polo players also enjoy the good looks and fuctional design of the Polo Gear polo bags for other sports. Also check out the Polo Gear leathergoods line for our line of fashion leather bags for polo, travel and recreation.

Polo Bandages & Protector

Polo bandages and polo leg protectors offer the maximum protection for polo horses against injury in the game of polo and the sport of polo. A polo ponies legs are the most susceptable part of the polo horse to injury during a polo match or polo tournament. In order to protect the polo pony or polo horse Polo Gear has designed special polo products that are used during polo practice, during polo matches, and in polo competition that will eliminate or reduce the chances of leg injuries to polo ponies and polo horses during polo games and polo training. Polo Gear has been manufacturing specialty products for polo and polo ponies since 1993 and is recognized as the worlds premier supplier of polo equipment and polo supplies.

Polo Bits

For over 16 years Polo Gear has been making polo bits and polo bit accessories for the sport of polo and for polo players and polo teams in the United States are around the world. Polo Gear polo bits are predominately made of high grade stainless steel milled and finshed to profection by one of the worlds most accomplished foundries. The secret of Polo Gear polo bits are we have taken the worlds best and most successful polo bit designs of the last 100 years and reproduced them with the most modern materials and production techniques. The results are polo bits of truly magnificant functionality and quality. This allows better communication with the polo horse and minimal discomfort to the pony, and better and more subtle communication between the polo horse and the polo player. Check our extensive selection of polo gag bits, polo pelham bits, polo weymouths, polo miller gag bits, polo broken pelham bits and polo snaffles.

Polo Boots

Polo players want protection, convenience, comfort, good looks and durability in their polo boots. Polo Gear has for 16 years made the finest polo boots in the world in several different models and price points to accomodate all levels of players from those just starting to the worlds top high goal professionals. Most polo players prefer the convenience and styling of the traditional front zip polo boot. Polo Gear offers three polo zip boot models with price points and features for players at all levels. We have polo boots for men, women, and children. Polo Gear polo boots are known throughout the world for their craftmanship, quality and durability. Explore which Polo Gear polo boot model is right for you.

Polo Bridle Parts and Acc

Polo Gear polo bridles and polo tack are made especially for the demands of the sport of polo and the game of polo. Polo is a fast paced dangerous game that requires controling a 1000 pound polo pony that gallops at almost 40 miles per hour one moment and then stops and turns on a dime the next. Polo Gear polo bridle parts and accessories must withstand the rigors and challenges of this demanding game of polo. Polo bridle parts include; polo martingales, polo breast plates, polo brow bands, polo cavesons, polo crown pieces, polo bradoon hangers, polo drop nosebands, polo braided leather drop nose bands, polo braided leather cavesons, polo cheek pieces as well as other specialty bridle parts for polo. Polo Gear bridle parts come in a variety of polo leathers, colors and polo bridle styles.

Polo Bridles

Polo Gear polo briddles are designed by experienced polo players and have been made since 1993 by skilled craftsmans specifically for the sport of polo and for performance polo horses. Polo is an extreemly demanding sport and game. It requires strenght and durabilty for its participants and from the equipment they use. Broken equipment can mean serious injury or death to the polo player and or the polo pony so there is no place for inferior quality or workmanship. Polo Gear polo bridles use only the finest raw materials. 100% prime vegatable tanned leather, hides carefully and individually selected for leather quality and tanning integrity, each hide carefully cut to avoid any weakness, hand sewn and finshed or machine these Polo Gear polo bridles are made to perform and last for the hard demands of the sport of polo and the game of polo. These superior polo products from Polo Gear are recognized as the worlds premier superior polo equipments. Polo bridles may consist of polo reins, polo draw reins, polo cavesons, polo drop nose bands, polo martingales, polo breast plates, polo check pieces, polo crown pieces, and other polo bridle parts. Polo bidles may be sold complete or by parts or polo bridles may be sold as a set that includes a polo martingale and a polo breast plate and usually two sets of polo reins. The bolo bits needed for use with the polo bridles are sold separately.

Polo Game Accessories

Real polo items used by polo Umpires and Polo Clubs for the sport of polo. These polo accessories include; polo balls, polo goal posts, polo umpire and polo referee shirts and polo equipment and many other polo products used for the game and sport of polo.

Polo Gloves & Goggles

Polo Gear polo gloves and polo goggles are designed by polo players specifically for the game of polo and the sport of polo. Polo gloves must provide the polo player with a firm, slip free grip in the most demanding and harsh conditions that arise during the game of polo. Polo goggles must protect the polo players eyes for the many dangers found during the sport of polo or the game of polo. Polo balls travel at over 100 miles per hour with great force and goggles are made to protect from polo balls, polo mallets and the many other events that could damage vision on the polo field. Polo Gear works with the United States Polo Association safety committee and testing facilities to improve safety in the sport of polo.

Polo Helmets

Polo Gear polo helmets are widely acclaimed by the polo community and testing authorities as the best made of any of the traditional polo helmets. The Polo Gear 2000 helmet combines the good looks fo the traditional polo helmet with the safety and shock attenuation of space age padding being used in the helmets of professional players in the National Football League and the National Hockey League. Polo Gear polo helmets have been made and sold since 1993, for almost 17 years, and have become the performance standard by which other helmets are measured. If you are looking for the safety and good looks of a traditional polo helmet be sure to choose the Polo Gear brand of helmets. Quality, safety, good looks, custom colors, advanced shock attenuation and protection make this the polo helmet of choice for serious amateur and professional polo players.

Polo Jeans,Pants,Britches

Polo players must wear whites during polo games, tournaments and polo competitions. Most polo players prefer to play polo wearing white polo jeans from Polo Gear. These 100% cotton denim polo jeans are rugged, comfortable and wash and wear for easy laundering. In addition Polo Gear offers white performance polo jeans, white twill polo pants in pleats and plain front and the traditional white polo britches. Polo equipment, polo supplies, polo products from Polo Gear polo supply company.

Polo Knee Guards

One of the most important articles of protection for the polo player in the sport of polo are polo knee guards. Polo knee guards protect the polo players knees during ride offs and from contact with opposing polo players and polo ponies. Polo knee guards are made of prime leather outside for durability and often are often tanned and colored to match the polo players polo boots. Inside the knee guards use closed cell foam and or wool felt for shock absorbtion and prodtection. Polo knee guards are available in several styles and models. The polo kneeguard models include hook and loop fastener strap polo kneeguards,two strap polo kneeguards, three strap polo knee guards, ladies polo knee guards and childrens polo knee guards. Polo Gear has made knee guards and knee pads for the sport of polo and for polo players since 1993. All Polo Gear products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Polo Magazines

Polo magazines allow you to keep in touch with what is going on in the world of polo. They feature the latest in polo tournaments, polo games, polo charity events, polo playing personalities and polo celebrities. Keep up to date on all the latest polo news and happening.

Polo Mallet Blankets

Polo Gear pioneered the concept of using a mallet blanket to organize a polo players gear fieldside at a polo match or polo tournament. Polo Gear has developed different size mallet blankets for one polo player, two polo players or a whole polo team. With a Polo Gear mallet blanket you place the blanket in front of your chair so you can dress, equipe and organizize for the polo game. The mallet blanket gets its name because it allows you to lay your favorite mallets out to have easy access during the polo match. Polo mallet blankets are available in different materials, colors, sizes and styles.

Polo Mallets

Since 1993, Polo Gear custom polo mallet shop has been making world-class polo mallets. The Polo Gear Mallet Shop has shipped their polo mallets to customers in all 50 states and to 47 countries around the world. Starting with the finest natural raw materials, hand selected Manu canes from Asia, white tipa wood polo heads from Argentina, and the finest nails, glues, tapes and binders from the US, our custom polo mallets are hand straightened, cured, Balanced, finished and painted by master mallet makers who have distinguished themselves after years in the trade. Polo Gear Mallet Shop makes polo mallets for men, women and children, for bike polo and for hitting the polo ball on foot (polo foot mallets). Polo Gear polo mallets are renowned for their quality, balance, craftmanship, and durability by polo playing customers around the world. At the Polo Gear Mallet Shop you can either choose pre-made mallets that our knowledgeable sales people can match to your height, weight, strength and experience characteristics or we can build polo mallets from scratch to suite your exacting standards. Polo Gear polo mallets are painted to your color specifications and personalized by stamping your initials on the heads. See our free brochure on choosing the correct mallet. The Polo Gear Mallet Shop specializes in speedy reasonable repairs. Just ship your broken mallets back and our master mallets makers will repair them like new for a fraction of the cost of a new polo mallet.

Polo Saddle Fittings

A polo saddle requires polo leathers and polo irons to ride in. The polo irons attach to the polo leathers and the polo leathers attach to the polo saddle. In addition to attach the polo saddle to the polo horse you need to use a polo girth. Girths for polo are usually specially made with equalizer ends to provide better stability and safety. In addition most polo players also insist on using an overgirth for futher safety and stability. This category of accessories of the polo saddle are called polo saddle fittings. Saddle fittings include polo irons, polo leathers, polo girths and polo overgirths. Each comes in a variety of styles and price points.

Polo Saddle Pads

Polo players use polo saddle pads to protect the polo horses back and to protect the saddle from excess sweat and perspiration from the polo horse. Polo saddle pads are often done in the polo players farm or ranch colors or in the case of a polo teams in the polo team colors. In addition polo saddle pads are oftern embellished with the players initials or the team logo or the logo of the farm or brand of the ranch. Polo Gear offers a variety of polo saddle pads and complete in house embellishment services. These include being able to embroider, sublimate or print on your polo pads the design of your choosing. Polo Gear saddle pads and polo products for 16 years have been sold with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Same day service is available in emergency.

Polo Saddles

Polo Gear polo saddles are made by guild trained master saddle makers to ridged exacting design and manufacturing standards to provide polo saddles that; balance the polo rider in a centered position on the polo horse, center the polo rider with the polo horse, and carry the polo riders weight on the polo horses back in a manner that is most comfortable for the horse thus allowing the horse to perform to its maximum athleticism. Polo Gear polo saddles have been manufactured since 1993 using only the finest quality materials and the finest craftsman. Polo Gear polo saddles are designed first with the horse in mind for two important reasons. First we love our polo horses. Second it is widely recognized in the sport of polo that the polo horse is 80% of the game so we selfishly want them happy and free of pain to perform their best. Polo Gear polo saddles are used and revered by professional high goal polo players and beginners alike. Pleae download our free brochure "How to choose the proper polo saddle" to learn more about how to select the right polo saddle, style, size and model for you. Polo Gear polo saddles carry the most extensive guarantee in the polo saddle industry and come with Polo Gear's 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Polo Sculptures

Polo Gear offers attractive, life like, affordable polo sculptures that depict the action, trills and danger of the sport and game of polo. These lifelike reproductions of polo players and polo ponies in polo action are used by polo players as home furnishing decoration, as polo trophys, and as gifts or momentos of polo trips or polo tournaments. Each polo sculpture may be personalized with an engraved plaque that attacheds to the handsome wood base.

Polo Spurs

Experienced and professional polo players prefer to always wear polo spurs when training, riding, schooling, or playing polo ponies. The polo spur is an important polo product and a piece of polo equipment that all polo players must have in their polo toolbox. Good polo riders use them sparingly and kindly to reinforce their leg aids. Polo spurs are heavier, stronger, and more durable than english spurs. Polo spurs are more refined than traditional western spurs and do not have jagged rowls as many western spurs do. The United States Polo Association in fact prohibits any rowl except a smooth rowl in polo competition. Polo Gear polo spurs use only smooth rowls. Polo Gear polo spurs are all made of top quality stainless steel for strenght, durability and to be functionally and asthetically pleasing. Polo Gear offers a polo spur model and design for all polo players and price points. Polo spurs for men, women and children. Polo Gear polo equipment and polo products are created for polo players by polo players since 1993 and all come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Polo Stable Supplies

Polo supplies for the polo horse and polo barn. The sport and the game of polo is very unique and very demanding. Polo is unlike any other equestrian endeaver in the demands it places upon the polo pony athelete and the equipment. Polo Gear offers many specially designed polo productions for the polo horse and the polo barn that have been specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors and demands of the sport of polo. These include polo halters, polo lead ropes, polo sheets, polo blankets and polo products and polo supplies.

Polo Supports & Braces

Polo is a rugged game. The sport of polo is demanding and injuries can and do occur during polo matches and in polo training. Polo players often require the use of various supports and braces to help them recover from polo injuries while continuing to play polo. Polo Gear polo products include a variety of polo supports and polo braces for men polo players, women polo players and children polo players. As with all Polo Gear polo equipment they come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee since 1993.

Polo Team Products

Real polo players use especially designed clothing to play the game of polo. They need functional clothing to withstand the rigors of the polo game as well as something that is unique and attractive on the polo field. Polo Gear manufactures all of the polo products for the sport of polo for polo players and polo horses to be used in the actual polo competitions around the world. Polo Gear specializes in the new moisture wicking fabrics such as cool max and dri fit. Polo Gear team shop also makes all the products needed for the polo horses including polo blankets, polo bandages, polo saddle pads, polo sheets, polo chairs and all polo products used for the game and sport of polo. In The Polo Gear teamshop we have a complete polo embroidery, polo printing and polo sublimation department. All that is needed to design, creat and make your polo team products can be done in house at the Polo Gear polo Teamshop. Complete, polo design, polo embroidery, polo screen printing, sewing, sublimation all made in America.

Polo Whips

A polo whip is another polo training aid that is always carried by a good polo trainer and polo player. Good riders use polo whips sparingly and kindly to reinforce their leg aids. Polo Gear polo whips come in several models and price points to satisfy the requirements and styles of a variety of polo players. Polo whips can be used by men polo players, women polo players and children polo players. Since 1993 Polo Gear has made and sold polo whips to polo players and always with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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