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Polo Mallets

Since 1993, Polo Gear custom polo mallet shop has been making world-class polo mallets. The Polo Gear Mallet Shop has shipped their polo mallets to customers in all 50 states and to 47 countries around the world. Starting with the finest natural raw materials, hand selected Manu canes from Asia, white tipa wood polo heads from Argentina, and the finest nails, glues, tapes and binders from the US, our custom polo mallets are hand straightened, cured, Balanced, finished and painted by master mallet makers who have distinguished themselves after years in the trade. Polo Gear Mallet Shop makes polo mallets for men, women and children, for bike polo and for hitting the polo ball on foot (polo foot mallets). Polo Gear polo mallets are renowned for their quality, balance, craftmanship, and durability by polo playing customers around the world. At the Polo Gear Mallet Shop you can either choose pre-made mallets that our knowledgeable sales people can match to your height, weight, strength and experience characteristics or we can build polo mallets from scratch to suite your exacting standards. Polo Gear polo mallets are painted to your color specifications and personalized by stamping your initials on the heads. See our free brochure on choosing the correct mallet. The Polo Gear Mallet Shop specializes in speedy reasonable repairs. Just ship your broken mallets back and our master mallets makers will repair them like new for a fraction of the cost of a new polo mallet.
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Item #: 64-603
Your Price: $12.00

Item #: 64-604
Your Price: $15.00

Item #: 64-607
Your Price:  $125.00

Item #: 64-608
Your Price:  $20.00

Item #: 64-609
Your Price:  $40.00

Item #: 64-610
Your Price:  $45.00

Item #: 64-611
Your Price:  $70.00

Item #: 64-705
Your Price:  $200.00

Item #: 641-500
Your Price: $19.00

Item #: 641-501
Your Price: $20.00

Item #: 641-502
Your Price: $10.00

Item #: 641-503
Your Price: $10.00

Item #: 641-504
Your Price:  $8.00

Item #: 641-506
Your Price: $25.00

Item #: 645-200
Your Price: $15.00

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