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Polo Spurs

Experienced and professional polo players prefer to always wear polo spurs when training, riding, schooling, or playing polo ponies. The polo spur is an important polo product and a piece of polo equipment that all polo players must have in their polo toolbox. Good polo riders use them sparingly and kindly to reinforce their leg aids. Polo spurs are heavier, stronger, and more durable than english spurs. Polo spurs are more refined than traditional western spurs and do not have jagged rowls as many western spurs do. The United States Polo Association in fact prohibits any rowl except a smooth rowl in polo competition. Polo Gear polo spurs use only smooth rowls. Polo Gear polo spurs are all made of top quality stainless steel for strenght, durability and to be functionally and asthetically pleasing. Polo Gear offers a polo spur model and design for all polo players and price points. Polo spurs for men, women and children. Polo Gear polo equipment and polo products are created for polo players by polo players since 1993 and all come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
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Item #: 75-1949
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Item #: 75-1960
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Item #: 75-1961
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Item #: 75-2000
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Item #: 75-970
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Item #: 751-2667
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Item #: 751-4798
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