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A Message From The Founders, Part 1
September 1997, On the Launch of our Inagural Website

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About Gary Fellers

Gary and PalGrowing up in the 50's in a polo family was a unique experience. My uncle, General Eastwood was a career Army officer. "Eastie" played polo throughout his Army career, as a cavalry instructor, as a member of General MacArthur's staff and around the country and the world as an Army officer. Through General Eastwood I was first exposed to American polo in the glory days. The days when America dominated polo with a depth of talent and horseflesh perhaps unequalled even by the Argentinean dynasties of today.

General Eastwood was fortunate enough to have played with and against some of the legends of his era. The exploits of such giants as Phipps, Guest, Iglehart, Sanford, Webb, Hitchcock, Whitney and of course those Western invaders Smith, Pedley, Boeseke and Roark, made an early and lasting impression. These were the days when thousands attended the most important matches and polo players were deservedly treated as national sports heroes.

My First Chukker

Although exposed to polo as a youngster I never received a chance to play until my early 20's. After college and having secured a good job and with the optimism of youth I started hanging around our local polo club in Sugarbush, Vermont. Before long I was invited to play. I still remember that day, over 25 years ago, when I played my first chukker. The excitement and exhilaration I experienced that day will be with me forever and has changed my life. For the last 25 years polo has always been with me. Through thick and thin, ups and downs, polo has always been there.

Through the years, I have been fortunate enough to play in all types of polo; Through the humble fun club beginnings in Vermont, to the fields of Saratoga and Palm Beach, from zero goal to 26 goal and at all levels in between.

Along the way I have had the opportunity to play with and against most of the stars of the last three decades. Although I never attained a high goal rating, to play with such greats as, the Pieres, the Gracidas, the Hipwoods, Juan Carlos Harriot, Gonzalo Tanoria, Eduardo Moore, Mike Azzaro, Mariano Aguerre, Adolfo Cambiaso etc. will be with me forever. This experience has made me appreciate what a wonderful and difficult game is polo.

Our First Polo Gear Products

Texas, a Brown GeldingEnclosed is our first Internet presentation of Polo Gear products. It is dedicated to the polo players of the world; the players of a glorious past, the players of today and the players of our future.

Polo is truly a sport of the world, perhaps more than any other. Let us use it to further become citizens of a world community. Let us allow polo to serve as a conduit to explore our similarities, not accentuate our differences. This web site is presented in hopes that it can be part of an effort to revive, promote, encourage and nurture polo in America and around the world.

While Polo Gear roots are strongly planted in America, we encourage players around the world to join together in harmony under the banner of a game we all share and love. Let us use polo to encourage and promote our national pride. More importantly let it be used to show that the affection we have for our sport and our horses connects us in a way that exceeds our national pride. Let polo be a conduit to connect us all in the bonds of humanity. Let us use our game to break down our differences and to connect to each other in a manner that transcends national boundaries, language barriers, and petty differences.

Our Vision

At Polo Gear, we have a vision of our sport flourishing. We dream of having true international competition. We dream of massive corporate sponsorship, television coverage and huge crowds. We dream of the day when young, up and coming players can make a decent living from their passion. We dream of sharing the love of horses and the excitement, challenge, camaraderie, speed and daring of polo with the thousands out there, who if exposed to the game, would surely fall in love with polo, just as we did.

It is our hope that these dreams are reflected in our products and company. They come to you with love and a passion for polo, with a commitment to quality, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a pledge to the future of polo in America and throughout the world.

Gary Thomas Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon

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